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Moving to a new city is an adventure that comes with its share of worries. To make that transition easier, Marie and Marion’s door is wide open to you and all your questions.

Welcome Centre

Located in the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi du Témiscamingue, the welcome centre provides new residents with the kind of support they need: finding a place to stay, daycare, schools, health care, sports and leisure, employment assistance, social engagement, etc.

« The best is yet to come. »
- unknown

Upload The Key : guide for newcomers, to get tips and tricks.

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Event Calendar

The welcoming committee periodically organizes a variety of social events for new Témiscamingue dwellers: happy hours, outdoor fun, multicultural dinners, etc.

Relocation Incentive Program

The Repères Program from the Caisse Desjardins du Témiscamingue is a relocation and integration incentive program that will provide aid for you to settle in.

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Tips for

Témiscamingue is home to a number of growing immigrant communities. People originating from France, Belgium, Benin, Ivory Coast, Algeria, and Burkina Faso have all recently made Témiscamingue their new home and we’ve asked them to come up with a few tips!

  1. Contact the welcome centre at CJET before visiting the region.
  2. Come visit the area before settling down, to be well prepared for your arrival. Some of the programs can help you lower your costs!
  3. Anticipate your transportation needs.
  4. Don’t be shy: get involved and participate in activities to build your network.
  5. Come join the adventure — it’s really worth it!

Need help?
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For more information, please contact Marie and Marion at the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi du Témiscamingue.

Youcef Boukhari

Multicultural Project Agent
1-819-622-2538 ext. 255 attraction@cjet.qc.ca

Marion Hallée

Place aux jeunes Temiscamingue agent
1-819-622-2538 pajt@cjet.qc.ca
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