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Témiscamingue gives you the opportunity to find your centre. By reconnecting with our deepest values, by coming up with projects that will change the world, and by offering our kids the largest playground ever, we’ll find a whole new level of fulfillment.

Three good reasons to settle here.

Around here, we can still create and give our imaginations free reign.

As proud residents of Québec’s Far West, we are the last ones to see the sunset.

We benefit the most from the thousands of waterways that surround us.

With more than 2000 jobs opening up by 2022, you can work to make a difference while still looking forward to the weekend.

Make a Difference

Moving into a smaller environment changes one’s perspective. We immediately see the impact our actions have on the vitality of our land. Here, when we spot a problem, we find solutions. Thousands of organizations and festivals were set up by just a handful of citizens and their limitless ingenuity.

Eat Local

Around here, we love to eat, and local products are a big part of our lives. Fresh food abounds in our public markets and in our very own backyards.

Find Your Dream Home

Lovely cottage, house in the middle of town, cabin in the woods or by a lake; the choices are plentiful. And affordable. The average transaction on a single-family home is $118,000 — the lowest in the area.

Not to mention that around here, the neighbours actually say hi.

Need help ?

Here, we try to do everything we can to help you out. Even  helping you finding a place to stay. At a distance or on-site, call us !

Guillaume Gonzalez

Attraction agent
1-819-622-2538 attraction@cjet.qc.ca

Marion Hallée

Place aux jeunes migration agent
1-819-622-2538 pajt@cjet.qc.ca

Goodbye, Rat Race

As a parent, raising a family in Témiscamingue is basically getting yourself a front-row seat to every important event in your kids’ lives. The number of residents may be small, but there are plenty of chances to play sports or enjoy other recreational activities. Around here, kids and adults get their wishes, together.

Our proximity services

Work family conciliation

Choosing to come back and in live in Témiscamingue when your family grows is mainly due to work and family conciliation. The proximity of friends, family members or community organisms help to ease the daily puzzle.

Also, for the parents that wish to implicate themselves and dynamise their neighbourhood, there’s possibilities.

Kids will be well taken care of!

Raising a child in Témiscamingue also means having access to childcare assistance that’s based on your child’s needs. Here, you have access to daycare facilities, different types of health care establishments, and much more.

We say that it takes a village to raise a child...

Many people will play a role in the life of a Temiscamingue child :

  • The neigbour, that see him leave for school every morning and that babysit’s him once in a while.
  • The arena attendant that sees him skate for the first time and evolve.
  • The corner store clerk, that calls his clients by their names, including him.

Life in small community permits this ecosystem where the notion of living together is present. Each year, commities of volunteers, with the collaboration of the municipalities, organise annual activities and celebrations.

Are you not ready to take the plunge?

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