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What to do in Témiscamingue ?

Sports, leisure, and cultural events abound in the area, for kids and grown-ups alike. You’ll be surprised by the variety of options!

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Up-to-date Activities Calendar.

Stay tuned for the activities the region has to offer! From farmers' markets to festivals and events!
Follow the link: https://tourismetemiscamingue.ca/

Childen's activities, Cultural Activities, Events

Pour tous les bouts de choux

Did you know that Lots For Tots is not a day care center? Lots for Tots is a non-profit Family organization. We offer children from birth to six years of age, the chance to play together, to participate in educational activities, and to better their social skills.

Childen's activities, Sports and Leisure

Swimming pool

Public swimming pool offers different schedules.

Outdoor Recreation, Where to Stay In

Réserve Beauchênes

La réserve Beauchêne est un magnifique territoire exclusif de 205.7 km2 situé dans les hautes collines du Québec. Les 40 lacs et 7 espèces de poisson de notre territoire grandiose présentent une belle occasion pour apprendre les techniques de la pêche.

Where to Go Out, Where to Stay In

Auberge Temrose

Auberge TemRose is a high quality hotel in Temiscaming and we are a sought after and popular to all our customers. The auberge has 6 motel rooms and 11 suites with kitchens. All our units have private washrooms.

Outdoor Recreation, Where to Stay In, Sightseeing and Attractions

Opemican national park

Parc national d’Opémican is a unique discovery site, characterized by the dominant presence of tall white and red pines, symbols of the junction between the territory’s deciduous and boreal areas.

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Euphoria cafe

Childen's activities, Where to Go Out, Cultural Activities, Events

Dottori hall

Dottori Hall in Temiscaming seats 500 spectators, while Sieur de Coulonge in Pontiac can host up to 200 spectators. Dottori Hall truly is an agent’s ideal partner.


Rodéo du Camion

After 39 years, the Truck Rodeo has become an event of international reknown. Not to miss !

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