maison de colonisation datant d'après 1922 avec solage en pierre et murs en bardeaux de cède, située à Notre-Dame-du-Nord au Témiscamingue
Baril House

maison de colonisation construite après 1922 avec murs en bardeaux de cèdre

Year : 2016

Photo credit : Christine Brézina

Baril House

The Baril house is located in Rang 3 in Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Its construction dates back to the period following the great fire of 1922. The architectural style of this one-and-a-half-story house is typically Québécois. It was built on a foundation made of stones, and its walls are covered in cedar shingles, which was quite popular in our region at the beginning of the 20th century.

This house is one of the last of its kind that has kept its original siding in our region.


This style of wooden house covered in cedar shingles and seated on a stone foundation was called a maison de colonisation.

* These heritage items are private property; please admire them from public roads.

Maison Baril

Year : 2016

Photo credit : Christine Brézina

Oeuvre de Francine Marcotte mettant en valeur l'architecture du lieu

Year : 2016

Photo credit : Christine Brézina


123 3e Rang Est, Notre-Dame-du-Nord, QC, Canada




Historic house



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